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Are you wanting a high quality, yet affordable outdoor paving job done? Paving Rockhampton has you covered with countless years of quality paving experience within our local contractors.

Our professional and skilled paving team are passionate about creating or revamping an outdoor space for your home ranging from driveways, parking areas, to footpaths, garden paths and outdoor patios. Our paving contractors have a broad set of skills and many years of experience in the landscaping industry creating beautifully designed outdoor spaces to suit your style, preferences, and overall use of the space.

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Choosing the right pavement

Just like our design process, the options presented to you and the decisions made regarding your paving needs will be customised and the right fit for both the space and the client. Deciding on what pavers, what style etc. can be a confusing and lengthy process – that’s why our specialists are here to help and support you through the process. At Paving Rockhampton we have various types of outdoor paving materials for you to choose from, outlined below:

Permeable pavers

are a great heavy-duty, weather resistant option which allow water to drain away naturally – hence they are a perfect choice for areas that are exposed to extreme weather events and used frequently. Permeable pavers are commonly used for; roads, parking areas, driveways, public footpaths, garden paths, pedestrian areas and patios. These are some of the most frequently chosen pavers around Rockhampton for their durability and 

Italian porcelain pavers

are easily one of the most popular and beautiful paver choices on the market, with the quality and stylish design hard to match making them an ongoing popular choice across Australia. Italian pavers are stronger and more durable than many other paving options on the market and come in various colour choices. Italian porcelain is commonly used for; alfrescos, patios, courtyards, pool areas and surrounds, and interior flooring and walls.

Travertine pavers

are another high quality, popular choice that suit both indoor and outdoor areas, bringing an air of elegance to your entertainment area. None of these stone pieces are truly identical, making every piece truly unique – just like your outdoor space. They’re resistant to both frost and heat, making them a fantastic, year-round choice. Travertine is commonly used for; patios, alfrescos, court-yards, interior flooring and walls, and any other pool surround areas.

Bluestone pavers

are one of the oldest and most utilised landscaping materials across the world due it’s extremely durable and environmentally friendly nature – in addition to it’s widely accepted visual appeal. These pavers are consistently suitable to both in and outdoor environments, due to their consistency in colour and durability against stains and marks. Bluestone is commonly used for; footpaths, driveways, courtyards, patios, alfrescos and pool areas.

Granite pavers

have been around since the days of Ancient Egypt, due to the ideal nature of the material for building and decorating. It’s incredible strength and durability, combined with its smooth, natural beauty make it another popular option that suits many design styles. Moreover, granite is weather and slip resistant, making it a great choice for heavily used areas. Granite is commonly chosen for pool surroundings, outdoor paving, feature walls and outdoor cladding.

Porcelain pavers

are another durable and beautiful material choice, with the added benefit of being a low maintenance. The clay-based material is highly resistant to wear and tear, making them perfect for children and pets, are simple to clean and maintain and above all else – absolutely stunning. Porcelain pavers are commonly accepted to last for many years longer than other pavers and are commonly used for; pool surrounds and areas, courtyards, patios, alfrescos and driveways.