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Patios & Pergolas

Whatever your landscaping construction needs are, we are your go-to landscaping service in the greater Rockhampton area. Our trustworthy construction and landscape builders are the best in the business, with our years of local knowledge and constructing experience meaning we can bring any vision you have for your outdoor space to life, without compromising on quality. We aim to create unique hard landscaping features that will fit seamlessly into your outdoor entertaining area and maintain the test of time.

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Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Not only do our team know how to bring an outdoor space together to create a relaxing, beautiful feel – but we ensure that everyone has the right qualifications, certificates and permits. Our commitment to safety and following landscaping construction protocols means that you can have peace of mind knowing your outdoor entertainment area will be safe and stylish for many years to come. Regardless of your budget or outdoor construction needs, our landscaping construction team is committed to bringing you a high quality, lasting outdoor space.


Service landscape Design Company

We offer a wide range of landscaping construction services and options that can be adapted to every space, size, taste and budget. No job is too big or too small for the construction team at Landscapers Rockhampton. From more complex procedures such as excavation and drainage solutions to adaptable solutions, such as retaining walls and water features – our passionate team of professionals can do it all!


BBQ / Entertaining Area

When it comes to garden and outdoor space overhauls, excavation is often the best way for us to revamp your outdoor space by starting over with a fresh canvas and redistributing the foliage of your garden. Our construction landscaping team will use heavy-duty excavation gear to clear grass, rocks and dirt where necessary in order to achieve a level space in order to introduce various hard surfaces such as paving, concreting and decking. Landscapers Rockhampton have all the equipment and constructing experience to clear away the old and utilise the new, modern construction solutions to breathe fresh life into your outdoor landscape. Introducing draining solutions, leveling and turfing off areas, as well as putting together the pool coping and surrounds is complex, delicate work that can’t be done by just anyone – you need the adequate skills, experience and construction knowledge to ensure the longevity and integrity of the outdoor area, all of which we have at Landscapers Rockhampton.

In addition to your more complex outdoor construction needs, we also have the ability to introduce detached landscape constructions without overhauling your entire garden. We offer both types of construction solutions to our valued customer – the complete overhaul and reconfiguration, as well as creating one-off features which will add an extra pop to your space. 

Retaining walls:

Are a widely utilised vertical structure that holds back soil to prevent erosion and create level areas in any kind of landscape. Why would we completely overhaul your garden if you only have a localised problem area? You can choose to introduce a masonry (brick) or timber retaining wall into your outdoor space of any size, colour and height. We have a wide range of options and previous visual examples of how a retaining wall could be a positive addition to your outdoor landscape. Moreover, our team can advise the ideal spots in your garden where a retaining wall could be best applied to better utilise the space at hand and stop long-term soil erosion to maintain the integrity of your plants and broader garden health.

white retaining wall
water fountain in garden

Water Features:

Water features are another useful and very popular adaptable solution that many of our customers here at Landscapers Rockhampton choose to introduce without having to completely reconstruct your outdoor space. We have a broad range of water features options for you to choose from due to our strong connections with suppliers, with almost any size, material and style of water feature you could dream of. Likewise, our design and construction specialists can advise you on what would best suit your outdoor space’s existing style and water feature needs.