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We offer a design consultation process that enables us to match your lifestyle and taste with your new outdoor space. Our landscape designers utilise widely accepted and practiced design principles to bring the vision of your space to fruition, developing the garden design plans which our landscaping builders will closely follow. During this artistic and imaginative process, our team works closely with our clients to develop set ideas and options of how your outdoor space can be transformed in line with your personal preferences. Landscapers Rockhampton’s design process offers you peace of mind, so you can visualise the end product you’re investing in before starting construction.

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Design Brief

Our landscaping design specialists will sit down with you to discuss your key requirements for the space, garden style preferences and/or ideas for the space and how you intend to use it. These factors differ significantly between every client and/or family, therefore it’s a very personalised and consultative process. We do not utilise or apply pre-determined garden design plans – we instead come up with ideas and designs in line with the specific needs and wants of each different customer on a case by case basis. Therefore you can be confident that your outdoor landscape will be just as unique as you.

landscape design planning
landscape architect on phone call

Concept Development

This part of the process is where our designers will create rough sketches of how the outdoor garden area will be laid out, and how it will look. This is a very back and forth process as we build up each layer of design after getting approval from yourself and ensuring you’re happy with the direction. This early phase of planning and artistic process, although exciting, can be a bit overwhelming for some customers as they try to narrow down exactly what they want – however our designers are supportive and patient as they create a conceptual design plan in line your wants and needs.

Landscaping Plan

Once you’re happy with the conceptual plan and outlined use of the space, we will propose various flora (plant) options and what will work best in the outdoor space to match with the design. Visual references of the proposed plants, the quantities, pot sized etc. will be outlined, on which the client will make the end decision on. Planting schedules will also be developed to ensure the chosen species are planted at the correct time to ensure longevity.

fake grass mulch plants

Final Master Plan

Lastly, the final master plan will be presented to the customer, where tweaks and changes can be made. The master plan will include a timeline, construction plan, planting plan and schedules and final drawings/sketches of the outdoor space. Once you’re happy with the plans and they’re signed off, we will give the go-ahead to our qualified landscapers to get started on bringing these plans to life!