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We cover a wide variety of garden landscaping services from one-off jobs, complete garden overhauls to ongoing garden maintenance in the wider Rockhampton and surrounding area. Nothing compliments an alfresco, patio or pool area more than a fresh, maintained and flourishing garden.

Our garden maintenance services range from lawn mowing and whipper snipping, regular weeding and pruning, to hedging and mulching. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of keeping your garden looking sharp, regular maintenance work ensures that your garden flora can continue to grow and stay healthy, whilst also keeping pests and insects at bay.

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We know that many people find gardening a bothersome chore – so sit back and let us at Landscapers Rockhampton do the work for you. Our gardeners and landscapers are not afraid to get their hands dirty and thoroughly enjoy bringing a garden back to pristine condition.  Whether you want a one-off job done or regular maintenance, our team is the best in Rockhampton. Our knowledge combined with our skills make for beautifully lush results time after time. Seeing your garden flourish at home puts a smile on your dial everytime you come home. Submit the quote form on the right to get your garden the treatment it deserves.

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Yard Rejuvenation

If your garden has fallen on the wayside and turned into more of a jungle, let our landscaping team come in and completely revamp your soft landscaping space. We’re an experienced and passionate team who can come in to cut back the wild plants, remove the weeds and vines, and replant to help your garden get back on track to looking its best. Removing the excess, overgrown plant materials (also known as dethatching) is essential for your garden so that the air, water, nutrients and fertiliser can reach the soil better.

Service landscape Design Company
Service landscape Design Company

Our years our local experience mean that our replanting techniques are not only stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but our garden landscapers are knowledgeable in placing plants in the correct areas, allowing them to flourish and grow. Let us tackle the daunting task of overhauling your garden whilst you relax knowing your outdoor space will be back to immaculate condition in no time.

Garden Renovations

If you want your garden and outdoor space to look polished and complete, garden edging is the solution you didn’t know you needed. Edging is a commonly used technique that creates structure and definition by separating and highlighting different areas of the space. Creating edges and borders separates the flowering beds from the lawn area, keeping plants and soil in place – allowing both areas to be maintained more easily.

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Ensuring that your garden is draining properly is integral to keeping it looking healthy in the long-term. Poor draining solutions in landscaping is a commonly overlooked problem and can result in garden beds being over-saturated in extreme weather, causing the plants to die. Let us at Landscapers Rockhampton introduce some small-scale, hard landscaping solutions to your garden to safeguard the longevity of your outdoor space. These solutions include, but aren’t limited to – garden edging and borders, retaining walls and underground drainage solutions.