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Landscapers Rockhampton is a one-stop landscaping company to bring your outdoor living areas to life. We specialise in rejuvenating outdoor spaces and transforming your home’s landscape into the entertainment area of your dreams. Whatever ideas you have in mind, we offer a broad range of landscaping and gardening services to fit your needs. From soft and hard landscaping, to general gardening maintenance, our passionate landscaping company can tackle any project you have in mind. Creating a beautiful landscape on your property can dramatically improve your quality of life at home. If you have a tangled mess of vines on your fence or a lawn that looks more like a sand pit, our team can help transform it into a luscious garden.

Garden Renovations

Above all else, our first priority with every project is to ensure that you, the customer, are happy and supported through the design and building process. At the end of the day, it’s your vision we’re bringing to life, so whilst we will have ideas and recommendations that will fit the space – it’s your project and we’ll do it your way. Our broad range of services will bring your outdoor vision to fruition, and transform it into an area you’ll love to spend time in for many years to come.

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Service landscape Design Company


Landscape design is an essential element to any landscaping project. Our in-house architect has years of experience designing outdoor spaces and gardens for home owners throughout Rockhampton. By offering design as part of our service we’re able to align your aspirations with our construction teams knowledge to deliver an exceptionally smooth project. Whether your project is residential or commercial our qualified designer will work closely with you to ensure you’re idea’s are brought to life.

Service landscape Design Company

Construction Landscaping

Any decent sized landscaping project requires some kind of constructions. Luckily we employ pavers and carpenters to assist in laying these foundations. Some of the services we provide to our Rockhampton locals are: retaining walls,
patios, paving, pathways, driveways, pool coping, decking, concreting, and stonework. After our designer has finished drawing up the plans we go to work excavating and building these structures to turn your yard into a gorgeous entertaining area for the whole family to enjoy. 

Service landscape Design Company


 Paving is one of the most common hard landscaping requests we deliver to suburban clients. A beautiful paved area creates the perfect bridge between your indoor and outdoor spaces. It helps protect your lawns high traffic areas from being trampled and keeps dirt and grass outside where it belongs. Our paving contractors are trained and qualified to guarantee a high quality result. They can source and install a wide range of pavers onto your property. Give us a call with your inquiry or click below to learn more.

Service Garden Maintenance Hedging

Garden Landscaping

Is your yard looking a little tired? Whether you’ve just moved in or have been meaning to refurbish your garden for years, a renovation will brighten up your home immediately. Our soft landscaping services include, mowing lawns, laying turf, weeding, hedging, pruning, edging, planting, drainage solutions, mulching and irrigation. By using our decades of gardening experience we’re able to completely transform your dead grass into a luscious garden full of life. Start your transformation today by grabbing a free quote.

Garden Rejuvenation Experts

Landscapers Rockhampton is not your average gardening and landscaping company. We’re certainly passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces; most importantly – we use the best landscape supplies in the area. All of our team members have years of experience in both front and backyard landscaping, from general gardening to more complex pool landscaping knowledge.

Service Garden Maintenance Hedging

We ensure that all of our team members and building experts have the right qualifications, certifications and permits. This way you have peace of mind knowing your outdoor space will be safe and sound for many years to come. Through our countless years of experience in the industry, we’ve built strong connections that allow us to have access to premium landscaping equipment at superb prices. This allows us to stick to the budget of your project, whilst also guaranteeing a high quality result that will maintain the test of time for years to come.

Local Landscaping Professionals

Here at Landscapers Rockhampton, our team of local experts are dedicated to brightening up this beautiful city – one garden at a time. From private spaces, to government property and commercial-scale landscaping – we have the service experience and Rockhampton knowledge to complete your garden to the highest standard. Impressing our clients and leaving them happy time after time is how our professional landscaping services have become so popular throughout Rockhampton. Let the locals do the work for you and create a beautiful, modern space for your family to enjoy.

Rockhampton Relationships

By building relationships with other tradies in Rockhampton we can offer almost every kind of construction as part of our service. We handle outsourcing and project management with other local businesses to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. Some of the other services we can provide are listed below. 

We are not just your average gardening service, our team of building professionals can tackle your larger, more complex landscaping needs and projects – such as pergolas, decking, patios and even carports. With the proper qualifications and building experience under our belt, Landscapers Rockhampton is the only team you need to for your entire outdoor renovation.

Our quality skills in paving and tiling are essential to creating a beautiful outdoor space, whether it’s for your pool area and surrounds or your driveway. Laying these foundations needs to be done correctly to ensure longevity, and we can guarantee our team of professionals are delicate and precise in everything they do. We offer a variety of surfacing options to suit your taste and needs – from modern stones and pebbles to classic tiling, your chosen surface will look fantastic once we’re finished with it.

Competitive Pricing

Whilst there’s numerous gardening and landscaping companies to choose from in Rockhampton and the surrounding areas, we can ensure that our broad range of services and competitive pricing makes us the most affordable landscapers in the local region. With so many service options available in the local area it can be a daunting task choosing a company. Working with our clients to ensure you’re satisfied is our number one priority. We help you to bring your vision and ideas to life, providing you with a high quality outdoor area at an affordable rate.  

Qualified Professionals

Before getting to work on your property, we will always do a complete and in-depth inspection of the garden and relevant areas – both above and below ground – to ensure nothing is unduly damaged. Identifying subterranean objects or assets, such as pipes or wiring, is an essential first step in safe landscaping development. We take these responsibilities as landscaping professionals seriously and have all the appropriate, heavy duty equipment and machinery necessary to undergo any renovation type – on both a residential and industrial scale.

Fair Trade

We strongly believe that everyone in Rockhampton should have access to a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space no matter what their budget is, therefore we don’t charge exorbitant prices as some competing companies do. We strive to continue building trust and strong connections in the local community whilst brightening up this beautiful city, one garden at a time. It can be difficult to know which materials are best for your project with so many factors from longevity to durability to consider. We take time to help you choose the most suitable supplies to fit your budget and lifestyle.

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We are proud to have built such a well respected landscaping company in Rockhampton. Every member of our team is highly skilled at their craft and have been through rigorous training to ensure they deliver the quality results our clients have come to expect. Investing with the right landscaping company can dramatically increase your quality of life at home. By offering so many services at such affordable rates we hope to win your business to prove our professionalism and begin transforming your property. For any landscaping related questions please do not hesitate to contact our team. We also offer free quotes via the form at the top of this page so please submit your inquiry now to get one step closer to your dream garden.